The Riabko family originated from Ukraine and Immigrated to Canada in 2003. Ever since moving to Canada, the Riabko family has reached out and connected with the Ukrainian community of Ottawa.

With the support from family, Perogies shop opened in November of 2007.As the shop’s popularity grew the menu expanded by requests submitted from customers. Keen to serve the community the Riabko family complied and expanded their menu. Often listening to requests from customers who would come in and share memories such as: "My grandma used to make these delicious baked goods that were stuffed with potatoes, mushrooms, or even cabbage. Can you make those?"

Thanks to the community the Perogies shop came to life and with the community’s help we have been able to expand our menu to serve you better. To this day Perogies is located at 1129 Baxter Road(behind Ikea).